The Pines

The Pines Lounge and The Pines Patio are closed for the season, due to decreased staffing levels.

Occasional operating hours into the Fall season will be posted. Ivan’s Restaurant is fully licensed and offers a full bar menu.

Rafter R Brewing Company is now available at Ivan’s

The Resort is excited to be offering SIX amazing brews from local craft brewery in Maple Creek.

Pints and flights available.
Pints $7.50     Flights of Five – Ask your server for details

Blonde Ale

A straightforward approachable beer brewed with the average beer drinker in mind. The light flavored malts deliver a smooth easy drinking beer with just a touch of the floral and grassy flavor from the German Hops. This was the first beer that was mashed into the brewhouse at Rafter R.
5.0% abv


Traditional German wheat beer. Utilizing a mash heavy on Prairie grown wheat and fermented with a German yeast produces a beer with a haziness that some are not used to seeing. The flavor profile is forward with the spicy notes of clove and pepper, lighter notes of Banana are also in the mix.
4.8% abv

Berliner Weisse

German style kettle soured wheat beer. This beer is tart, crisp and refreshing. Think more lemonade than beer. It is traditionally served on its own or with a side of fruit juice.
4.0% abv

Red Ale

An easy drinking malt driven beer. Light caramel and toffee notes from the malts pair nicely with floral and citrus flavors from the hops. Finished by a crisp bitterness that refreshes your palette for the next sip.
4.5% abv

New England IPA (NEIPA)

A complex hop blend lends juicy fruits and mandarin orange to the flavor and aroma profile. The use of oats and wheat contribute to the hazy appearance and smooth mouth feel.
5.2% abv

Vienna Lager

A Saskatchewan version of a classic. A bready and biscuity rich malt with a clean lager yeast finish.
5.1% abv